About me

My name is Ysel González Hernández, I am a professional choreographer and I was born in Santiago de Cuba but for 15 years I have lived in Girona, a small town in Catalonia. I have always thought that my passion, my life, is dancing. Since I was little I was always dancing around the house even while my mother cooked. What I try is to transmit my passion for dance to everyone.

The benefits of my style

With choreography for beginners and advanced.
An academy open to the world and without limits.

Suitable for everyone

Neither your age, nor your gender, nor your previous experience matters. I create very simple choreographies with easy steps for everyone.


Not to show off, but I have yet to find a person who tells me they don’t have fun with my dances.


One of my virtues is my positivism and always seeing the good side of things. That I transmit in all my classes.


In my choreographies there is always the combination of different styles of music and that implies many changes of rhythm that promote the acceleration of the metabolism.

Get in shape

Either in the choreography format of Zumba or Step with me you get in shape because we work the whole body. In the sessions of Step glutes and legs are worked twice.


Although I am trained and qualified by Zumba, I always add the personal touch that many others do not have as it is in my blood. I am Cuban!

Why choose me?

The reasons he has given you so far, along with the large number of testimonials and the tens of thousands of comments on YouTube, should already be enough for you to enroll in my academy, but even so I will explain more in detail why.

We record all the dances with great affection and they are all designed so that anyone can dance them regardless of their age, level, gender and / or previous experience.

When you sign up you have direct contact with me and my team by instagram, WhatsApp or e-mail.

Our platform is updated weekly.

In most modalities you can sign up for as long as you want and when you get tired yourself you can unsubscribe.

You will find plans from € 4.50 / month (what a single coffee with milk costs in Spain) to € 14.99 / month the most complete plan (what a menu would cost in Spain) and you can train all the days at all hours

Pay for a month and dance as many times as you want a day, at the time you want and make the most of your monthly payment.