The new way to dance Zumba from anywhere in the world, has arrived.

With my new online academy you will be able to dance all my choreographies from the comfort and wherever you want just with an internet connection and the desire to dance.

Suitable for everyone

No matter what level you have is an
academy suitable for everyone.


Suitable for all budgets, we have €2,5 monthly plans per month. Keep yourself fit and enjoy your classes for €0.08/day.

Flexible schedule

Set your own dance schedule and enjoy the classes without time restriction.

Where you want

You can dance from your living room, from your hotel room when you are traveling or during work breaks at the office.

Continously Updated

Enjoy my alive academy with weekly updated content in every modality. In addition, you can enjoy your old content without restrictions.


You can enjoy different modalities. 45’ complete zumba classes or you enjoy different possibilities such as “song-by-song” mode, zumba step plan or the teachers instructor.

For everybody

Suitable for everyone. YSEL academy allows you to dance and enjoy regardless of your age or experience

Different plans

Choose one of the different modalities and start enjoying
the plan that best suits your needs


Some of the brands that I have collaborated with and that I use in my clases

My team

This is my team

Ysel González

Instructor, Coreographer

Miqui Vera

Webmaster, Videomaker


There are already thousands of people around the world who use my online academy. Thousands of thanks to all of you for valuing my work.


“The Ysel academy has helped me a lot, especially since I was a mother, to lose those 2 or 3 kilos that are left over after pregnancy. Also, being online, there are no schedules. You can do it when it suits you best. She is charismatic, energetic, vital … Her classes give me a boost of energy. And on top of that you sweat the fat drop! I recommend it because for the price it has, no gym classes, or anything. I stay with the academy very clearly. “


“I recommend Ysel’s academy. She is excellent in everything she does. I use the academy so I can exercise and stay in shape. You can take the time to do your activities from home. Having 2 children is easier to be able to combine. It’s super cheap so I highly recommend it.


“I want to recommend you the Ysel Academy because I love their classes. I like dynamic classes with various types of music and that is what Ysel has. The steps are easy to follow even my 6 year old daughter does. You sweat a lot, you burn a lot of calories and you have a lot of fun which for me is basic. It has different classes and you can do one every day of the week so you don’t get fed up. Ysel classes are always in fashion and the price is very affordable. “


“I’ve been with Ysel for a long time. It started with YouTube. Since he has the academy, I don’t even tell you … I love the way he teaches, how he does the choreography, simple steps but at the same time with a lot of movement and helps burn fat. If you don’t like intense classes, you have it for single songs. It has a lot of single songs. I recommend that you try them. “


“I like workouts because they are fun, they are energetic and with good music. Thanks to Ysel and thanks to everyone.


“I am ready to do a class with Ysel. I’ve been following her for a long time. First on YouTube, then on another platform and now in the academy. He was clear that he wanted to continue working with her. Because the work he does for me is very beautiful, you can tell that he works. They are choreographies that easily catch the rhythm and the truth is that you really enjoy it. I do the entire classes which are wonderful and also complete with random songs. You can tell that Ysel loves his profession, he puts a tremendous passion in it and he transmits it to you. “


“I discovered Ysel on YouTube and I loved her videos. I really liked his way of expressing himself, his music, the songs, etc. I informed myself and I have registered in your academy. Almost every day I do a 40 minute class of his and I love it. It gives me an energy and a brutal high. Many times my daughters also accompany me. He gives a very good vibe and is very easy to follow his class. It also gives you a high after finishing your class. I encourage all of you to try it. “


“I want to highly recommend the Ysel Academy. I found it a year ago on YouTube. I studied exercise science. And I really like his classes because they have a very good dosage, they have a beginning, an end and an intense part. I am very comfortable, it is a class with a lot of quality and with a lot of discipline. I hope to continue with the academy for a long time to come. “


“I love the academy. It’s super fun. Besides that during this quarantine it has helped me a lot to relax. Besides, I have lost a few kilos. It is super excellent, I highly recommend it. It has all the choreography and a lot of dancing. “


“I have met Ysel during this quarantine. I was going to buzz in the gym, but when we were confined, I looked for videos on Instagram and YouTube and I found her. I loved the dances that Ysel did in the Latin style. Ysel is super cheerful and vital and has an energy that hooks. All this makes it go beyond the screen and I did not hesitate to sign up for the online academy. The prices are good and for those who are moms it gives us a lot of time flexibility. Try it, you will love it “


“Almost 3 months ago we discovered Ysel on YouTube thanks to the quarantine of everything that was happening in the world. We were looking for options to do Zumba routines and we found the academy. We loved it. It has several choreographies so one can perfect the technique. I danced them with my mother and it is a moment in which we disconnect and do something that we both like, which is dancing. Ysel’s energy is super cool. It is a very good option to exercise at home and I am sure you are going to love it. “


“I am a student of Ysel and due to the confinement, thanks to the academy, it is a way to continue training even though the gym is closed. It has several workouts, many posted songs. Ysel is very active. What I like the most about her is her energy. When I dance with her, I don’t realize that I’m doing sports but I’m having fun, I feel sexy and I think that everyone who tries the academy will end up hooking.


“I really like his good vibes, his joy, his positivism. In the academy you will find a reflection of what she is. There you will find choreographies of songs or workouts that are complete classes. With which you have a gym at your disposal 24 hours a day. You organize yourself however you want. While you are having fun, you exercise without realizing it. Sign up for the academy


“What I like the most is the step. I even record myself. I’m at Ysel’s academy. Too easy. You can also try it. “


“I am one of Ysel’s students. The last two months I have been dancing at the Online Academy. On the one hand you have the songs separately and dance them as many times as you want, and on the other you have the workouts that are 40-minute classes and you do a super complete exercise. Ysel is a person who transmits a lot of energy, a lot of good vibes. She loves to dance and she transmits that to you when you dance with her. I encourage you to try it because you are going to love it. Kind regards.”